It Appears That The More Complete The Blockage, The More Intense The Haemorrhages And The Enema.

Dec 19, 2016  

Ophthalmology,.econd Edition; mosey, 2004. The following eye tests may also be done: Optical coherence tomography OCR can be used to take a high definition image of your retina. The neovascularization may develop in 40% of those cases where branch vein occlusions produce large areas of capillary non–perfusion. Medline . Wade and Dr. It appears that the more complete the blockage, the more intense the haemorrhages and the enema. Management of CRVO still remains uncertain and highly controversial. With a success rate of 90%, the vitrectomy procedure uses a petrol bubble to apply pressure to the macula so that it can begin to heal.

The individual may also report underlying hypertension or cardiovascular disease. Patient with nonischemic central retinal vein occlusion presented with dilated, tortuous veins and superficial haemorrhages. Retinal vascular diseases are common in people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other factors that cause vascular disease throughout the body, such as increasing age, high cholesterol, and smoking.  Radial optic neurotomy as treatment for central retinal vein occlusion. These areas of swelling and backed up blood damage the cells of the retina and therefore damage sight.

Retinal vascular occlusion